Tig Artistics was founded in 2010 by our current CEO Harold Gillam. Harold has over 38 years of welding experience.We have become reputable in quality, reliability & precison in aluminum articles, one things remains unchanged – our dedication to doing the best aluminum welding work in the nation.  We keep an old fashioned attitude  about work, and that's that it needs to be of precise Tig welding, aluminum quality & shipped when we promised. More and more, that means relying on brilliant  hardworking Craftmenship.               




  orders completed &    delivered  in a timely    manner

 quality aluminum fencing & gates

 Our standards in aluminum welding  are high. So high in   fact, we're in a league of our own,    moving our entire industry   forward.  Tig Artistics  has become  synonymous with the highest  quality aluminum craftsmanship.

   No one ever complained about    having their aluminum fencing, gates, and canopy/concessions executed    perfectly.

​      We are reliable to deliver our aluminum products   in  the  timespan  you   request.


    PORTABLE       aluminum    canopy & concession stands


There are leaders in aluminum fencing & welding, and then there's  everyone else. At Tig Artistics, we      take immense pride in driving the          industry standards forward,      focusing on efficiency, quality, and        safety of aluminum fencing,    gates, and aluminum canopy    units/concession stands

     No one ever complained about      hiring the best.